Top five Windows errors and their fixes

UPDATED: November 10, 2018

Whenever there is a new version of Windows on the market, an ocean of errors creep in. but if you know which those common errors are and how to fix them, you’ll be in less trouble. So, here are some very common Windows errors and their quick fixes.

Less free storage than before

This happens when you install a new version of Windows but the older version is still up and running in the background. In the system, it sits with the name Windows.old and takes up a lot of disc space. To get rid of the old Windows from your computer, click Start and type in the cleanup in the search bar. This will automatically clean your system from any old applications that are running in the background, and free up a lot of wasted space that these old applications were using.

When updating Windows is getting an error message

Many a time, your new window upgrade and installation fails. This is very common when you are moving away from an older version of Windows to the new Window 10. To troubleshoot and fix this problem, download the update troubleshooter and run the exe file on your computer. After this, the system will ask you to quickly reboot and after reboot, you can try to upgrade to Windows 10 again.

The screen full of unwanted notifications

With some versions of Windows, your screen becomes full of unwanted notifications, such as Windows system messages, pop-ups, email notifications, social media notifications, and Adobe updates, etc. with all such updates, your screen can become cluttered, but the good news is that you can quickly get rid of such unwanted messages. To remove them, open the Settings menu and go to System > Notifications and Actions. You can play with the number of toggles there to control which notifications you’d like to receive and which you’d like to remove.

Windows fails to activate your favorite games

You’ll find some games will play on some versions of Windows while some will not. A simple solution is to reinstall the latest graphics drivers and DirectX. This will solve a number of issues you will be faced with playing your games, regardless of the version of Windows you’re using.

Internet speed is not great on some versions of Windows

Better internet speed is what everyone aspires to have. But if the problem is caused by the version of Windows installed on your computer, you can quickly fix it. You can fix this problem by protecting your Windows from spying software that run in the background and lower the speed of your internet.


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