How to create a RAID using only flash drives

Flash Drives
UPDATED: December 22, 2018

There is an increase in the use of RAID arrays since both small and big business needs to store and access data in regular bases. RAID are two or more flash disk connected to a PC and work together to store and retrieve information. You can’t access the data on RAID not unless you mount the toe flash drives. RAID makes you access and retrieves data hence saving time and money. The following is a procedure on how to create RAID using only flash drives;

Step 1.

Insert your USB to your computer. You should not the letters assigned to your two USB drives.

Step 2.

Go to ‘Disk Management,’ and this will bring all the available hard drives including all your USB drives.

Step 3.

The right click your USB drive, and you will be able to create a RAID partition. Choose ‘delete the volume,’ and it will create an ‘unallocated drive.’ Use the same procedure for the second USB. You should note the numbers of each drive.

Step 4.

Right on the first USB and choose ‘New Mirrored Drive,’ and you will be asked to choose the drive you want to mirror. Select the second drive and click ‘Add.’

Step 5.

Click next, and you will be asked if you want to mirror your USB drive if you click yes you will have created new RAID drive.

It is difficult to transfer a RAID array from one PC system to another. A single drive, on the other hand, can simply be disconnected from one computer and transferred to another. This lack of portability can create significant problems for RAID users in certain situations – that will leave you in a situation that you need a data recovery company. RAID arrays are hence the best to store any kind of information in any business and organizations.

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