UPDATED: November 10, 2018


The sale value and a number of portable tracking devices are at their peak position. In the year 2009, approx 40 million portable navigation devices were sold globally. The United States could record 52% of those sales with an average amount of $250 for each unit. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the GPS devices are one of the most consistent and include the best practices of carrying digital evidence.

GPS, abbreviated for Global Positioning System is a network of satellites circulating the globe that sends signals approachable by a countless number of receivers based inside the ground. These signals can be brought into use to help with navigation and to locate the position of an item (Car, bus, animal, person, plane, etc. ) with astonishing accuracy. To put the definition in layman language, GPS forensics, also known as SatNav forensics is a repeatable and dependable method of acquiring, analyzing, and examining GPS Devices for evidence of information of interest or criminal activity.

GPS is so precise and dependable that it could someday replace any navigation tools. Its applications have cleared its boundaries in such a way that, in a very short duration, use of GPS will an as common as using a cell phone. Along with that, the 2nd generation satellites and highly advanced and less expensive receivers have made the functioning easy and have a broader scope of probable future applications.

GPS Device forensics can help in providing important and essential information in civil and criminal cases. These days, GPS Devices include personal GPS inventory as well as marine, aviation and auto devices.

There are organizations who employ forensic experts to collect all the relevant and important information from GPS devices using forensic methods and also analyze the data using forensic tools.


Personal GPS units can be utilized while hiking, whereas marine GPS can come into use in boats. Vehicle GPS can be used in trucks and cars, and aviation GPS can be used in helicopters and airplane. All these can be useful in obtaining vital information relevant to your case.

Why should the GPS Forensics be used?

The plus points of regular tracking technology have been found out. The increasing client use of their personal navigation gadgets now offers investigators to play their stone in this by looking for the same type of data contained in GPS devices and more. Hybrid GPS devices are equipped with a Bluetooth function which can allow GPS to act as a handsfree model for cell phones and hence, have the caliber to contain much of the same information discovered during a cell phone examination.

What all information can be found out?

The major files found on a GPS device can include:

  • Device Info
  • Weather Conditions
  • Location Information
  • User Information
  • Road and Streets Information
  • Recent Destination
  • Postal Code
  • Latitude and Longitude points

GPS Forensics is a comparatively new change within the speedy world of Cell Phone Device forensics. Investigators discuss and develop tools and techniques that can be beneficial for the whole community.

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