Deep Aero ICO Review

Deep Aero ICO Review

Deep Aero uses blockchain and AI and is working toward building an autonomous drone economy. This platform will immensely impact the transportation system by making the cargo delivery and demand aviation process easier. It is a decentralized and intelligent piece of software that allows users to travel and also transport goods with convenience.

It is an efficient platform for drone-related services, and vertical take-off and landing aircraft are equipped with Deep Aero UTM. In short, it is a traffic management system that will allow people to have a safe flight and transport their goods in a secure environment.


deep aeroDrones have evolved a lot and are frequently being used as a powerful tool for transporting goods and for conducting business. They are a new technology and are changing the way that transportation, photography, and business are done. The drone technology has proven to be a good source for collecting information and are contributing to the technological infrastructure. These are the main features of the Deep Aero technology:


The Deep Aero platform is very safe and reliable as the users are given real-time notifications of nearby traffic and situational awareness is also promoted. Live telemetry is done according to the flight plan so that maximum safety and security is maintained.


The best feature of this platform is that all flight plans are in accordance with the requirements of airspace intelligence and other AI-based drone operations. All friendly drone operations are rule-based and AI driven too.


The drone operation can be changed according to the situation. Thus, if there is some change in the wind condition, airspace, temperature, or visibility, there will be real-time notifications and the planned flights can be altered.


The uses of drones include the following areas:

  • Package delivery
  • Aerial transportation
  • Crowd control and management
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Security and surveillance
  • Photography and filmmaking
  • Aerial survey

ICO details

  • Token: DRONE
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO: 1 DRONE = 0.00005 ETH


There are many Deep Aero cargo and passenger drones that are currently in operation. These drones are transporting goods and helping people travel safely. Deep Aero is a self-governing, autonomous, decentralized, and intelligent UAS traffic management system that allows safe flights of unmanned and manned aircraft on the airspace. It is a harmonized platform for drone and air traffic management system.

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